9 Steps to Remodel an Outdated Kitchen

You recently purchased a new home and cannot wait to move in and call it your own. The bones are good and it has old school charm but it could use some serious updating. Going through the rooms you have opted to begin your renovation in the kitchen. Redoing this room is a sizeable undertaking so be proactive. Being organized means a less overwhelming remodel in the long run.

If you are thinking of buying another house and the idea of bringing an older home back to life interests you, Springfarm Yorkhill real estate has many properties worth viewing. Just remember, though any renovation you do can be exciting, it is a big project. Luckily, there are steps you can take so the remodel is a fun and creative experience. Here are a few ways to help you strategize for your kitchen reno.

  1. Finances 

As with any renovation the first step should be to run the numbers and come up with a projected budget. Go through your finances and figure out what you can afford to spend and where to allocate your funds. Think about how much is available for each part of the kitchen and pick the elements that are most important to you.

  1. Design 

Next take some time to map out the kitchen. Decide whether you plan to keep the current layout or if you will take out a wall for an open concept or add an island for more counter space. Choosing appropriate places for your appliances is also key. For example, doing a renovation without thinking it out can mean a dishwasher that opens into a tight space.

  1. Cabinetry 

This is important because drawers and cupboards can be one of your biggest remodelling expenses. New cabinets can run into the thousands of dollars so choose if you want to buy new or instead refinish the original ones. Both options have benefits and drawbacks but whatever you go with either should look great when completed.

  1. Islands and Counter Space 

If you have space for it an island is a great addition to a kitchen. It provides you more counter space and room for drawers and storage. It is also the perfect place to put the dishwasher and the extra sink you have always dreamed of. If you like the idea of barstools you can also create a nice little eating nook for those days when you do not feel like setting the dining room table.

  1. Storage

One reason to do a kitchen remodel is to ensure you have drawers and cupboards to store all your kitchen items. There is nothing more frustrating than not having a proper place to put your pots and pans so incorporate storage into all the shelving units. I also suggest making a spot for a pantry as well so your cooking supplies are close at hand.

  1. Appliances 

Ask yourself if you need to replace existing appliances with new ones as this can be a costly endeavour. If the current fridge and stove are not too old keeping them may be the better option. Stainless steel is often the ideal but contemplate whether it is worth the money. Also if you plan on switching out a traditional stove with a gas range factor in the additional cost.

  1. Flooring 

Another major decision is what kind of flooring you are going to put down in the remodelled kitchen. As this is a high traffic area in any home durable and slip resistant flooring materials like cork or linoleum are good choices. While tile or stone looks nice a well made laminate floor can pull your kitchen together without putting a large dent in your budget.

  1. Office Space 

Having a spot set aside for your paperwork, a calendar and a small chalkboard can be a wonderful addition to a remodelled kitchen. This room is often the hub of the home and adding this can help make your life more organized and efficient. Write your grocery list on the blackboard and put the new mail in its designated place.

  1. Lighting 

Lighting plays a major role in the kitchen and can be used to highlight the different areas of a room such as your custom backsplash. You want your kitchen to be bright so ensure you have adequate fixtures in place. Hanging lights look good over an island. Have run with these as they can add some spice to your remodel while really showing off your personal style.

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