Do You Want to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants? Here are Few Tips

You must have often noticed carpenter ants in your backyard where any dead wood is lying as a scrap or in the surrounding trees. They are usually not any carrier of diseases however they can create a lot of nuisance and also damage to your property. Often people confuse carpenter ant with termites, however carpenter ants do not eat wood but they build their nest particularly within dead wood. Usually it is really very difficult to trace their exact place of hiding. Therefore, you will need help from a professional pest control people to completely eradicate them from your premises.

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Signs of carpenter ant’s presence

Following few signs will confirm the presence of carpenter ants in your premises.

  • Winged carpenter ants

Normally during summer or spring season they may emerge and if you find good number of them present in your property then it confirms that they created their colony within your premises. They may emerge either from baseboards, vents or window casings.

  • Noise

If you are able to hear crunching sound then it can be coming from their nests formed within wood near your house.

  • Sawdust

If you find sawdust near any wooden structure then it confirms their presence within your area.

  • Damaged wood

Usually you can find them near any damaged wood which is not under any use. They may form tunnel inside and hide there.

How to remove carpenter ants

Following are methods to get rid of these ants as per the pest control professionals.

  • Dust material treatment

By using pesticidal dust material, it can be very effectively flushed out from their hidden nests. This is a very effective method how you can remove them from your premises.

  • Nest and barrier treatment

This is another very effective method of treating carpenter ants with the help of residual insecticides.

  • Perimeter treatment

Besides many other treatments another treatment that is used along the perimeter of your house is to use liquid residual material.

  • Regular inspection of pest control management

There must be regular visit of the pest control professionals round the year to ensure that the carpenter ants have been completely eradicated from your premises. You need to hire a suitable pest control company who will ensure that your premises is now free from carpenter ants.

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